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    Latest News

    Nominations are now open for the 2020 awards!?

    Nominations can be submitted from February 4th until March 3rd, 2020, nominations can be submitted now!?

    This year's awards will accept nominations for releases, artists, and companies, that were active from?January 1st, 2019?to December 31st, 2019.

    So Get Nominating…

    Answer our?"Call For Entries" by adding those worthy from 2019, and don't forget... only nominated items can be considered for the awards. If you want your work to be considered please nominate it, nominations are confidential and...

    2020 is an exciting year for The Designer Toy Awards as we turn 10 years old! Look out for special announcements to mark this auspicious occasion!

    We are super excited to announce that Sean Leonard will be returning to host the Designer Toy Awards!!

    Having hosted the very first Designer Toy Awards way back in 2011, Sean Leonard is returning to the hosting duties for the 2019 Designer Toy Awards! Bringing his pro-story telling skills, charm & humour to the DTA proceedings, Sean will be keeping artists & presenters in check this coming Saturday June 1st at the Brooklyn Bazaar!

    Doors to the Designer Toy Awards 2019 ceremony will open at 7pm with the first award presentation expected to happen...

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